Saturday, July 3, 2010

Elsewhere in the world this week...

It's July! Summer is in full swing and the crazed masses are out enjoying the weather and ... yarn bombing! I've just finished a piece I'm excited about, but I haven't installed it yet because I'm looking for the perfect place! I'll post pics when I do.

And hey look! I found a few gems posted around the net this week. Enjoy!

My dog sighs posted this cool picture on Flikr, of a street bench in progress. Very nice! Unfortunately, Flikr won't let me post this pic. Or maybe it's because I'm a Flikr idjit.. I don't know.

Christina of Christina Creating blog posted this beautiful piece.

"Apparently the owner of the store next door, 'Cross the Street Collectibles, started the project as part of the "Arts in Motion" day the town was having today (Saturday)."

 What better way to celebrate the arts than public installation?!

photo copyright

Finally, The Yarn Craft Rebel over at the blog, Yarn-Bombing-Hay-On-Wye shared a bit of poetry with us this week. I had to share it with you.

Oh I am a Happy Hooker,
Craftiti is my fun,
I like to bomb creatively
and inspire everyone!
So pick up your crooks and kneedles,
some fibres, and from a fellow crafter,
learn to ravel it into lovely knots,
and craft happily ever after : )

Pick up your crooks and kneedles and make some public art today. Then, come and tell us about it!

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