Monday, August 2, 2010

Elsewhere in the world this week...

A quick search for new Yarnbombing articles today turned this up:

Yarnbombing Belfast is on Facebook, showing us how they're changing the urban landscape and beautifying their city. Catch a great interview with Siobhán Barbouron on BBC Radio Ulster's Arts Extra show with Kim Lenaghan on July 28, HERE. Siobhán's bit begins at about 9:30 in the track time.

Ladies' Fancywork Society Get What They Deserve

Hooked! Crew send their high-fives out to the Ladies' Fancywork Society this month, after finding these vids on Juxtapoz Magazine's website, about their latest Street-Art-For-Hire deal with the City of Denver. Not only are they working hard to make 16th Street prettier, but they're involving their community by inviting them to crochet some flowers to add to this art garden, and they're getting paid for it! Way to go, LFS!


See? Everyone loves yarnbombed flowers. Now grab your hooks girls and boys, and see what a few extra handmade flowers can do for your community!